The Bridges of Madison County – first review

The Bridges of Madison County – first review

This week, after more than four years of hard work, “The Bridges of Madison County” finally had it’s Swedish grand premiere at Maximteatern in Stockholm.

Here’s the firs review!

Sparkling connection in the Bridges of Madison County

Kulturnytt, Sveriges Radio P1
Author: Per Feltzin

This short love story stands and falls with the chemistry between the two lead roles.

The classic motion picture featured Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood. Here we are given Viktoria Tocca and Daniel Sjöberg, two experienced but for the Swedish audience, lesser-known musical artists.

But what does that matter when they connect the way they do on stage? Their chemistry sparkles!

The story is familiar; the lone wolf photographer visiting Madison County to capture it’s covered wooden bridges, meets a housewife who moved from Naples to the agricultural community in Iowa.

Director Rikard Bergqvist creates a flow to the story that works well alongside the 60’s style jazz blues-pop music by Jason Robert Brown. It really hits the right note – sad but heartfelt. A warm musical.

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